Friday, December 2, 2011

Sweet Memories

Wide awake, way too early listening to the rest of my family making their sweet little sleeping noises. Well, not Trent....his aren't cute!!! LOL

My heart is so full. This blog is my way to remember all this, so I'm just going to type my memories. I'll forget if I don't :)

Lily has a memory like a steel trap, I know...genius, right? HeeHee she told the driver all about Reeece and MA playing in the snow. Then tells him that we came back in and they went swimming on the third floor. We had to think back to remember what floor the pool was on!! She asked our GZ guide as we checked in the hotel if we would be on the eighth floor again. the guide was just as impresseed as it's not just a Mama thing :)

She is keeping up with what day of the week it is. She knows we went shopping on Tuesday (she told the new guide that we bought her all good stuff) She knew that yesterday was Friday...we can't keep up with this but our 7 year old can :)

As we drive, she talks non stop to the guide. Her sing song voice is adorable! Most of what she tells them are memories of her friends at the SWI. Who plays together, who the boss is, their ages, and on and on and on. She does not even take a breath. We don't get a translation of most of it....she doesn't give Aron a chance to talk. Doesn't she fit perfectly with our family??? HA

She wasn't crazy about McDonald's last night. She ate a few bites of her chicken nuggets and 1 French fry. She did enjoy feeding the 4 of us her food. She calls ours names and holds up a bite. So darn cute! I will be cooking lots of rice and noodles when we get home. Aggie gave me a recipe for the delicious noodles we had in BaoTou...can't wait to try it. Lily also loves fruit.

She loves the Garden and did not want to leave the room last night. When we came back into the lobby, she just looked around in awe. The rest of us are doing the same is very nice! Mash only complained about the staircase...said it reminded her of the Titanic. Reece was watching something on TV about planes exploding in mid air, so he freaked her out a little. BROTHERS!!!! (sure would live to give mine a big hug right now, along with the rest of our family...missing them all)

She loves the outfit that I planned on saving for her big arrival in Birmingham! I think she may actually agree to wear it today:) It really hurts to think that we'll have to shop for a new coming home outfit:) Trent, get the money ready!!!! She loves outfits with the little skirts attached, size 5(HUGE HINT TO THE GRANDMOTHERS). LOL...I'm kinda kidding

Praising God for my perfect family...yeah, we have lots of flaws, but He knew exactly what He was doing when He brought us together. Stop and think about, three kids from three different countries and we just fit! Always have, always will. Would not trade a second of the life HE gave me!!

Time to get the BamFam5 up and moving. Breakfast buffet ang then sweet girl's medical. I know you're praying, don't even have to ask :). Love and hugs to our prayer warriors!!!!!

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  1. Thank you for posting! I know yall are so busy right now! Don't you love Guangzhou?!?!? :)
    Lily Joy is so smart! Oh my goodness!!! She is so amazing! I so glad that the SWI visit went well! So...a size 5 is correct?!?!?! HMMMM...think we can do something with that! She and the girls are the same size!
    We are praying for you guys! Ready for yall to be home!!!!!!!! Dec. 9th cannot get here quick enough!