Friday, December 2, 2011

Hello from Guangzhou!

Loving this city!!! Reece was so excited to get to eat at McDonald's tonight. We are at the Garden Hotel within walking distance of good food and shopping. We are all looking forward to a great week. Also very glad to be able to say we'll be home in a week. Can't wait for everyone to meet our sweet Lily Joy.

Lily did so great on the plane ride. She chattered with her friend,Ammon, who was also born in BaoTou. She ate her meal and most of Trent's. What she didn't eat, she fed to him. Could you see him beaming all the way from China??? This was around a three hour trip, hoping the 13 hour flight goes this well :)

Her sassy personify is hilarious. Our guides and drivers get so tickled at her. She asked Aron, one of our GZ guides, what time she had. When she told her 5:00, Miss Priss said, "well, I have 6:45 on my watch". LOL. I checked Lily's watch and that's exactly what her watch said. Did I mention that she's a genius???? I may be just a little blinded by love, but she is smart.

Our medical appointment is in the morning. Lily will have to get a TB test done (all children are required to do this). She will not be happy about this, I'm sure. Jie Jie and GuGu will have a tough time if MeiMei gets upset. They are already so protective of her. Trent is trying to back out of even going, he doesn't want to see her hurt either. He's going,don't worry! Say a little prayer for all us, especially that Lily will do well and pass the TB test.

This has been an incredible experience. We feel God's presence constantly. There have been no coincidences during this obvious that HE ordered our steps. What a blessing to fully rely on HIM to take care of us.

Did I mention that WE HAD NO TEARS TODAY??? Each day has gotten a little better, just falling more and more in love with our little ladybug. I still look st her and can't believe she's finally ours!!!!

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  1. I have loved reading your posts. I think one of the girls in our "red thread" group sent me to your blog. We have a little girl at MaoMing and will probably be traveling in January! I'm so excited that the transition is getting better with each day...hope that trend continues! I have a quick question though...I have always been told that anything google related is blocked there (including blogspot) and most people have had to set up alternative sites while they're there for updates. How are you guys posting through blogspot? I can't wait to hear about the rest of the journey!!!