Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last Post from IM

We had a great day! Watching Lily draw shapes and cut them out...amazed at how precise she is. A perfectionist like Mash with Reece's personality...talks up a storm and you can see the mischeviosness in her eyes. We are so blessed.

SWI visit went better than we had expected. Lily Joy seemed happy to visit and give gifts to her friends. She allowed the nannies to hold her but kept looking at us to make sure we were there. When it was time to go, she reached for me, smiled and said "bye bye" to everyone. I will post more on the visit and the children that we saw. I have lots of pics too. Service is spotty here and we can't load them.

My heart is so full. I can never thank each of you for the prayers. We have no doubt that God is holding us up at this point. Each day is getting a little better and Lily is grieving less. Please understand that we expected the grieving, and it is good that she cares enough to cry for what she lost.

No tears or sad posts...let me tell about our journey:
**We love Inner Mongolia. The people are friendly and so proud of their culture and history. I don't think they teach Driver's Ed...just lay down on the horn and GO!! It doesn't matter how many lanes of traffic you cross, they'll stop :)
**We can now eat noodles with chopsticks!!! Reece and Mash are pros, Trent and I aren't starving!!!
**You must wear a terry cloth robe to sit around te indoor pool to watch your kids swim. The big kids enjoyed Trent and I sit and watch them and feel like we're in a Sauna. Hoping I've lost a little weight...LOL
**Lily has no interest in swimming, so she is our photographer. she shouts out to jie jie and gugu to have them pose while she snaps away. She watched me switch the camera into view mode, so now she can do it, genius, RIGHT??? She reviews her shots and then keeps snapping.
**She has copied her name several times using the MagnaDoodle!!! She is a little artist.
**Lily is so tiny. Her hands and feet are itty bitty and so cute. I call her Tiny to have ever had a butt that small!!! LOL
**She loves Mash and Reece. Mary Ashtyn can get her to say anything in English and to eat. She wants to be just like her big sister, so if jie jie does it...mei mei is sure to follow. My girls are precious. Reece is the big play toy...she lives to hit him with a balloon! He lives to do anything that she wants, so it works out perfectly. Having the big kids here has been a lifesaver!
**Lily is perfect:) Her legs and arms are weak, but she does not let that slow her down. She is amazing to watch. She can do anything, and if she needs grunt from her and we all come running!! The phrase wrapped around her finger was invented for us...we are pathetic but so proud of our Lily!
**If I don't get up and pack, we'll have no clothes in Guangzhou...flying out this morning at 11 am. We'll miss IM. So in love with the place that gave us it's most prized treasure...our Lily.


  1. Glad it went well! Can't wait to see the pictures. Have a good flight to GZ and hopefully your internet will be better there. Don't remember if you said where you're staying. We were at the China Marriott off the island the first time. It was really nice. We went to the island for souvenirs and church. There were good restaurants and parks near our hotel so it was good. GZ should be lots warmer for you than IM.

  2. So sweet!! You will miss IM, but you will welcome the beds at the Garden!! Be safe, our prayers are still coming your way.

  3. I have so enjoyed your posts! They are all so inspirational.. I have laughed, cried, but most of all prayed. Congratulations on your beautiful addition to your wonderful family. We continue to remember your family in our thoughts and prayers..

  4. This post made me smile. :-)
    So happy that you finally have your Lily Joy in your lives!!!

  5. We have been reading your blog in class. I get choked up sometimes not from sadness, but from joy! We are so happy for your family, What A Blessing! We are missing Reece sooooooo much and we can't wait for him to come back and tell us of all his travels! We also hope we will get a visit from Lily soon!!
    With all our love and prayers,
    Mrs. Barton and Reece's 5th Grade Class