Thursday, June 5, 2014

All About Ava

Adoption is tough and my posts have been emotional the last few days. We don't cry all day, there were actually NO tears today.  We had a great morning at the Botanical Gardens and shopping!!   Our littles got new sunglasses, purses, and shoes. It is so much fun buying for them.  

We are watching Ava's personality unfold and I have to share....

She is VERY dramatic. Trent and I are laying here laughing just thinking about her reactions. She came to us with a pair of crocs that will not stay on her feet. When we carry her, they fall off. As soon as she feels them slipping, she panics and starts screaming, "my shoe, my shoe"!!  Rides in the stroller are just as dramatic. If we hit a bump, she throws her hands out and screams like she's falling off a roof, then gives us her big grin. Think Fred Sanford when he's sure it's the big one and he's on his way to join Elizabeth (anybody else grow up watching Sanford & Son??)...that's our Ava!!

She is so sweet. She is quick to share anything she is eating.  A beggar approached us on the street today and it made her so sad. She asked our guide many questions about her and was so upset about it.  She will stop whatever she's doing to climb in my lap to cuddle. She melts my heart when she wraps her arms around me and kisses my cheek.

She loves making pictures. The bigs have taught her to make selfies.  She is so stinking cute....

She loves jewelry. She wears the necklace and bracelet that we sent her plus a bracelet her teacher gave her along with another red thread bracelet. She also wears the ponytail holder that she was wearing on Gotcha Day around her wrist. She's added a strawberry shaped blinking watch that she got in a Happy Meal. She takes everything off for her bath and it all goes back on as soon as she is dressed.

Ava adores Reece. She will repeat anything that he says. Today, he had her saying, "oh no, baby".  Now, she looks at him and just starts shouting it over and over.  We've threatened Reece within an inch of his life if he teaches her anything else :)

She can write her name, Ava, and the word Spring.  Lily taught her to write spring and helped her turn her s around the correct way.  I taught her to write her name. After I wrote it, I underlined she underlines both words every time she writes them.

Ava has already won an award. All the children in several different orphanages draw pictures and they are submitted to the Civil Affairs office to be judged.  Her picture won third place. We were given her certificate and they are supposed to email us a picture of her drawing.

She snores and flips and flops all over the bed ALL night long. She wakes me up by patting my cheek and grinning at me.

Ava is a little ball of energy who is keeping us on our toes. We are so very glad that she is forever ours!!

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  1. We are 5 months home and our little one freaked out today about a balloon that was given to our son after his surgery. She was so panicked that I had to pop it! It will be some time as you know, but eventually they become normal children. Sending prayers your way!