Monday, June 2, 2014


In less than 24 hours, Ava will be forever ours!!! All of us are excited and also a little nervous about Gotcha Day. The bigs remember how Lily grieved. She broke our hearts with her's terrifying to be on the brink of experiencing this with Ava.  We know that life with Lily was worth the grief and sadness of the first few days, no doubt God has the same plans for Ava.  The next several days will be tough on all 6 of us. Ava will grieve and the other 3 will be heartbroken. There is nothing that Trent and I can do to guard their hearts.  As I thought and prayed for Gotcha Day, the song Let Mercy Hold You kept coming to mind. God is whispering for me to trust Him and just be held, He is the only one that can get us through this.

Every night is holding back a sunrise,

Every storm is shadowing a blue sky,
I know it's hard,
When there's nothing that you can do,
So let mercy hold you

There's a cross, reaching to the furthest place,

There's a love nothing in the world can change,
In it all, one thing will carry you through,
So let mercy hold you.

Ava's adoption has proven over and over again that nothing is impossible with God. What an amazing promise!!  TOMORROW, we will begin the next adventure in our lives, fully trusting that God will hold us.  

We spent our last day as BamFam5 touring West Lake.  It was a great day...

We got Lily and Ava flower crowns and we begged Mash into modeling Ava's

Our last pictures as BamFam5!!

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