Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guangzhou: Medical

Today was our first full day in Guangzhou. We were excited to be back at the Garden Hotel where we stayed with Lily.  It was great to meet other adopting families and spend time sharing our experiences.

Our Breakfast view

We had Ava's medical appointment this morning. Everything went tears and very little drama. 

Sweet girl waiting her turn, YAY for iPads!

Not impressed with the vision test

BaBa is very entertaining during the exam...Ava loved his pink hair :)

Only a little drama after the blood draw, Ava's arm stopped working for quite some time :) We enjoyed babying her. 

So blessed with our four miracles!!!  Our arms and hearts are full!


  1. The picture of your husband holding is two girls is the most adorable picture I think I've ever seen. I hope you enjoy your time in Guangzhou immensely. As a mom with four from China, I consider the Garden Hotel my most favorite place in the world since I can meet other moms and families going through exactly the same thing I am and our kids are going through exactly the same thing and it's the only place in the world where that's happening.