Friday, June 13, 2014

Last day in China

We enjoyed our last big Garden breakfast this morning. As we sat together this last full day in China, I couldn't help but think of our last breakfast before Ava torpedoed into our lives...

Nervous, anxious, and excited doesn't even begin to cover the emotions from the morning of Ava's Gotcha Day.  In less than 2 weeks time, our tiny tornado has moved effortlessly into our family. Her smiles and giggles melt our hearts and her mischievousness keeps us on our toes. We wondered how she would fit into our family and it's been amazing to watch her find her place with us. It will take months before the attachment and bonding is complete, but it is already so easy to love Ava. 

As I packed our clothes, my tears started. I have been ready to go home since early in the week, but it's still difficult. We take another treasure from China, so a part of our hearts will always be here.  Russia, Kazakstan, and China gave us our greatest blessings.  God's plan for our family brought us through so much loss and sadness.  Each of our children let go of a homeland, a culture, and most tragically, a birth family to create our family.  Only God can take this brokenness and make us complete. 

This is my last post from China. It's been an awesome journey to our daughter!  Now, our new normal begins. Don't stop praying as we come home. We'll begin doctor's appointments and testing to figure out why sweet Ava's legs don't work. We've been there, done that with Lily and don't look forward to it again.  Our impossible~difficult~done cycle begins again. No matter how impossible Ava's diagnosis may seem and how difficult it will be to get will be DONE!!  No matter how God chooses to get it done, our faith in Him will be more than enough to get us through. 

Every great work of God, first is impossible, then it is difficult, and then it is done. 


  1. Have a safe journey home! I was surprised at how emotional I got leaving!

  2. It was nice to meet you and the family at the Garden last week! Ava looked like she was just thriving with you!! Good luck with the jetlag. It's been wicked with us