Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Loving Life

Tonight, we got to go back to our favorite thing in China from Lily's trip....

We love the circus in Guangzhou!!!

As I carried Lily to our seats, it was amazing it think how far we've come since 2011. Our Lily has opened our lives and hearts to so many things. Because of her, we completely trusted God when He nudged us toward Ava.  I could barely watch the circus for looking at my sweet miracles. FOUR of them!!  Trent and I spent several years thinking we would never be parents. Oh, what God has done for us!!

Lily kept screaming "this is AWESOME"

Ava kept saying "look Mama"...her mouth hung open most of the night :)

At one point, I looked up at Trent and he said, "this is what life's all about".  We are so blessed by the life God has given us!!  It won't always be easy, but we look forward to every day. 


  1. I am amazed at watching God love those kids through you two!!!! What a blessing!

  2. I didn't know their was a circus in Guangzhou! WIll have to ask about it next time we go!

  3. so glad y'all did this - it was by far our favorite thing ever in GZ!!!!