Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Littles

God has blessed us with the most beautiful Chinese treasures. We are so amazed by our littles!!  Each day, Ava is getting more settled.  As we get to know her, we are realizing that although our girls share the same birth country...they are as different as night and day. Neither is better or worse, just different. Lily is our prim and proper princess.  Ava is our rough and rowdy girl. While Lily refused to try to learn English for at least a month, Ava is already trying out several English shoes, where are you, open, mine, picture.   Lily was very quiet and didn't speak Mandarin to us. Ava chatters away and we just smile and try our best to figure out what she wants.  It took Lily several months before she would sleep with us, Ava hopped in between us the very first night. Lily has a tiny, quiet laugh while Ava has a big, loud one. 

Through all the differences, they are already developing a strong bond. Ava looks out for Lily and puts her arm out to brace her in the van. Today, they wanted to ride together in Lily's chair.  

As they giggled together in the bathtub, I imagined the years they will spend together laughing, fighting, and sharing secrets.   

They will share so many things. Mainly, parents and their bigs who are absolutely head over heels in love with them.  They'll understand the frustration of weak legs that don't allow them to do what others do. From this weakness, they already share a determined spirit to never be left behind. I'm most thankful that they will live a life loving Jesus and an eternity with their Savior!

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