Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 5: Enough

Today, six lives will change forever. After waking up every two hours, I'm wide awake at 3:00 am. Too excited and nervous to sleep.  It's almost 4:00 now, Ava will leave Ningbo for the 2 and a half hour drive here around 6:30.  Did she go to bed knowing that today is the day?  Was she able to sleep?  Which emotion is strongest for her...excitement or fear?  It's a tie for me right now!  Does she realize that she will leave her nannies and friends forever? Can she even begin to comprehend love and family?

Wow!!!  I'm scared!!  We stepped out in faith and obedience, trusting God that Ava Frances was ours. Giving Him total control is not easy, but we see His plan for the 6 of us unfolding flawlessly.  I worry about how her personality will fit with ours. My kids are close and we have a really good system going to take care of each other.  Of course, I worry if we have enough to add one more to the mix.  Begging God to give us enough!!

Gotcha Day will be at 9 am. We will meet Ava at The Civil Affairs Building here in Hangzhou. Nancy, our guide, said the whole process will take about an hour.  Only an hour, then we leave that building as BamFam6!! Yu Fang no longer one of the 153 million orphans worldwide.  She will be our Ava Frances Fang Bamberg...daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin.  See, as I type this...God is giving me the peace I need. We are enough, she needs us and we want to be her family. It will always be enough. HE will always be enough!!!

Now I'm sobbing...time to Skype my Mama.


Next post...AVA!!!!!!!!


  1. Kristie.. remember.. God didn't bring you this far (literally all the way to CHINA) to leave you hanging now! I am so glad you chose to share all your joys, trials, financial issues, and accomplishments with us! For someone who will most likely never experience an adoption journey as well as a journey to China, it has been so very enlightening. How the process works is so interesting as are the pics from your travel. I am amazed at your strength and spirit. I pray for an easy transition. I'm sure there will be grief, but maybe Ava will realize she is loved and wanted and will be a peace with that. I will be crying with you when I see the "Gothca" pics! Only an hour and a half to go!

  2. Kristie.. God did not bring you this far (Literally all the way to CHINA) to leave you hanging now! Thanks so much for sharing your journey of Lily and Ava with us. For someone who will most likely never experience adoption or visit China either, this has been so enlightening. I will be crying with you when you post the "gotcha" pics!