Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 Months Ago...

Our forever with you started.  You weren't exactly sure about us at first, but the four of us were so in love with you.  We loved hearing you call us MaMa, BaBa, GuGu, and Jie Jie.  Finally, we had our MeiMei!

For the first hour in our hotel as the brand new BamFam5, we weren't sure we'd ever get you to stop crying.  Oh, how you grieved!  Oh, how my heart broke because I couldn't comfort you!   I will never forget your sobs and that pitiful sound that you made and how helpless I felt.

Wow!!  It's amazing what a netbook computer and MaMa's can of Coke can do!!  We were all so relieved to see your little smirk, that would eventually turn into a smile.

You fell asleep on that first night holding BaBa's hand.  Walking out of the bathroom and seeing him grinning like a complete idiot and you sleeping, I took my first deep breath since we left the hotel lobby with you crying.

Four months later, you still call me MaMa, but BaBa is now Diddy/Didly and we rarely hear GuGu and JieJie.  It's all about Reece and Mash now.  I love watching the three of you together.  Nothing like hearing you giggle with Mash in her room and argue with Reece over the television or why he should give you ALL of his candy. 

You rarely cry these days, but I can comfort you now.  You will snuggle against me and let me rock you and rub your hair.  You still like to fall asleep holding hands, but now we get kisses, hugs, and I love you's every night, too.

You are our dream come true.  It's like you've always been here and I can't imagine a second without you.  You've been through so much in the last four months, but you are so strong and determined.  You keep me going through the tough days with your silly little self! 

 Happy 4 Month Gotcha Day, Lily Joy!
 We are so thankful that you're forever ours!

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  1. Happy 4 months! What a sweet blessing! Congratulations!