Friday, March 23, 2012

How is Lily?

 Still Silly!!

 Still Learning...she wrote her first sentence today "Lily sat."

 Still a DIVA...getting her zebra mani (We love you, Aunt Lisa)

Still Posing

Still crazy about Mickey Mouse

How is Lily??  Tough. Bossy. Hilarious. Disliking her hard pants. Ready to go to the beach. Bossy. Cute as Ever.  Speaking Excellent English. Not sleeping well. Bossy. Stronger. Eating like a little pig. Sometimes whiny (of course). Bossy. Bossy. Bossy :)

We take her back to the ortho specialist on Tuesday and are anxious to hear if her legs will need to be repositioned and then re-casted.  Mostly nervous that could mean more time in the hard pants.  She'll pat  the top of her cast and say, "I no like the hard pants"...we're all in agreement on that!!

Things I don't want to forget from this week:

I read her the story of creation from her Read Aloud Bible.  We had been studying that in Sunday School before her surgery, so I was curious to see if anything was making sense.  When I asked her who made the world, she said "church".  Not quite there yet,but at least she didn't say Wal-Mart!!  LOL

I have not mastered this body cast and will admit that I have accidentally ran her feet into the wall a few times...oops!!  Now when we pick her up, she reminds us to "buh careful".

Lily has learned that she has to wait while her Micky Mouse games are loading on the computer.  Now, anytime we have to wait on anything, we are loading.  Dipping the bubble wand into the bubbles, she'll say "bubbles are loading".  I was trying to get her to hurry up and use the restroom because my back was breaking.  Silly Lily says, "wait the tee-tee is loading"!!!  Oh, goodness :)

Tonight, she said something about Mei Mei.  I picked her up and jokingly told her she wasn't Mei Mei.  She said, "no, I Lily"!!  I asked her if she was Hao ChunHang and she answered, "NO,NO I am Lily".  It took her almost three months to claim the name, but she finally likes it :)  I am so glad that Trent insisted on keeping part of her Chinese name in her full name, I never want her to forget.

We have moved her bed against my side of our bed so that I won't have to get up each time I have to reposition her during the night.  For the past few nights, she wants to fall asleep holding my hand.  She kisses it a few thousand times and says, "Sweet Dreams Mama, I love you".  Makes everything right in my world...hard pants and all. 


  1. You are doing such an amazing job that very few people could do...just wanted you to know.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful update! I love the part were Lily is kissing your hand and tells you that she loves you. What a wonderful blessing! I hope all goes well with the doctor's visit!

  3. I just got caught up on all the entries for this month...and am both smiling and wiping away tears. She is beautiful--clearly from the inside out...a true fighter. I will be praying for her and for your family throughout this continue recovery and adjustment time. Take care.

  4. I LOVE the first picture of Lilly! Hilarious!!!