Thursday, March 8, 2012


Body casts are not fun!!!  Lily is doing as well as can be expected,but this is a huge adjustment.  The biggest challenge has been getting her to the bathroom.  I ordered all kinds of crazy stuff online to make using the restroom easier. ruined rug and house shoe later, I realize they just don't work!!  Trent and I make a great team for a lot of things, but not when it comes to body casts and bed pans!!   LOL  I'm laughing now, but I was sobbing last night.  I finally realized this afternoon how to prop her up and actually let her use the toilet!!!!  She and I were both so excited, you'd have thought we'd won a million dollars :)  It is a huge relief! That's been my biggest fear about the cast, so I do feel so much better.

Sweet Lily had a rough day.  Thankfully, she has slept through the night since we have been home.  She woke up this morning and just couldn't get comfortable.  We were warned that she would have muscle spams and I'm sure that the incision sites hurt.  She started sobbing and cried so hard her hair and pillow were both soaked.  I sat beside her and rubbed her feet and hair praying the pain would stop.  She finally fell asleep, but winced and moaned and cried out in her sleep all afternoon. 

It is such a helpless feeling...there is really not much I can do to comfort her.  Her entire body is covered and there is no way to snuggle with her.  Don't get me wrong, I sit and hold her with this cast on, but it is awkward.  I miss holding her and feeling her little legs wrap around me.  

I did get a glimpse of my Silly Lily after we got the bathroom routine figured out.  She was laying on her bed dancing and cheering.  She was back to her old self when my friend visited tonight.  Lily took over her phone and made pictures and bossed us around, as usual.  The highlight of her night was when her crazy Daddy RAN her around the house in her wheel chair trying to run over Reece and Mary Ashtyn.  She was squealing and screaming and would probably still be enjoying it if Trent hadn't hyperventilated :) 

After another 30 minutes of pain and tears, Lily is on the floor singing and fake sneezing.  Now, she's getting comfortable to "looka  book"...The Hunger Games!!  Have I mentioned that our little diva doesn't want anything to do with the three thousand  books in her room??  She wants books just like Mama and Jie Jie!!

 It's impossible to be discouraged for long around our little miracle.  


  1. Will continue to pray for all of you!!! God has a plan for beautiful Lily and the whole Bamberg Family. Blessings...Donna

  2. All I can say is that I feel your pain! Body casts stink! It is hard while you are in the midst of it, then it will be over, and you will start focusing on the next phase. Praying the muscle spasms stop soon. Maggie had them too, and it is a helpless feeling. I'm so sorry Lily has to deal with those.