Sunday, March 4, 2012

Surgery Day

I've started this post several times but I just don't know what to say.  Sweet Lily has to be at the hospital at 8:30 in the morning.  Her surgery will start at 10:30.  I still can't imagine our Silly Lily going through this.  I know it's necessary and it will help her,but this is so very hard. 

We have explained to her what will happen.  She understands that she will go to the doctor and they will give her medicine to help her sleep.  While she is sleeping they will fix her legs so that she can straighten them and then they will put on her "hard pants"...body cast.  Lily asked Trent today if it would hurt.  It broke his heart to have to tell her yes.  I couldn't even stay in the room since I was crying so hard.  She is a smart little girl and we can tell that she is really thinking about this surgery.

My big kids are worried about Mei Mei.  Reece really wanted to go with us for the surgery, but I know he wouldn't be able to see Lily in pain.  It would be too hard on my tender hearted boy.  Mary Ashtyn asked if this surgery meant Lily would never walk in her crouch again.  It bothered her that she wouldn't.  That sweet little girl walking in the crouch is who we all fell in love with.  Her body may be different, but it is so perfect to us.  It's crazy, but I think we're all a little sad that the surgery that will make her better will also make her different.  We honestly love her just the way she is and it's hard to let that go.

After I finished bathing Lily tonight, I wrapped her in her towel and took her into her room.  Our nightly routine is to snuggle while I hug her really tightly until I get her dried off.   Tonight, neither one of us wanted to let go.  I kept telling her I need to get her jammies on, and she kept asking me to hug her tight.  I really just wanted to lock the door and hold her forever. 

No doubt that God will carry us through this surgery and recovery.  He has amazed us with the way that He brought the BamFam5 together. 

 Please pray for our girl.


  1. Praying now for Lily and I will keep her in my prayers through out the day!

  2. Prayers for your sweet Lily! Not that I have to tell you but she's a fighter - such an amazing little girl. Prayers for you too Mama - I know how your heart is hurting right now and will be in the days to come as she recovers.

  3. I want to let you know that I am praying for your sweet Lily today. I also want you to know that I completely understand everything you said. She is having life changing surgery, but she will be the same sweet girl you have been loving on. Maggie's time in a cast was like a buffer in between the way her leg was before and the way it is now. It made the transition easier. You will also just learn to live in the moment. God will give you what you need to take care of Lily today. Then tomorrow he will provide for tomorrow. He will amaze you through your sweet daughter. I know the crazy mixed up feelings that this process brings. I will be praying for Lily in the coming days, but I will also be praying for your family. Many blessings to you all as you work through the coming days.