Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lily's Sillies

So, Lily Joy is a complete goofball :)  How does this happen??  We go around the world, to three DIFFERENT countries, and I bring home a mini-Trent each time!! 

For instance:

"I need the mope"  After Lily hits the slow motion button, "No, not that one...where's the hurry?"  Now she is fast forwarding through most of her movie :)

As we get our checkout paperwork from the ortho specialist today, Silly Lily takes it from her, looks it over, and then asks this very educated woman, "can you read?"  When the doctor tells her yes, she hands her the paperwork back and demands that she reads it to her :)  I told you she was BOSSY!

She has a bug bite on her foot, that of course she can't reach in her hard pants.  For some reason, it itches much more at night...like EVERY 30 minutes!!  By 12:30 last night, I woke Trent up and kicked him to the couch :) Lily took over his spot so I wouldn't have to move to scratch her foot ALL NIGHT LONG!!  As we are on the way home from Birmingham today, she informs us, "I like sleepy in Mama's bed!!  I sleepy with Mama 'gain".  Trent wanted to know where he was supposed to sleep.  "Diddy sleepy on couch!!"

Lots of goofiness and giggling at our house tonight because.....

Lily keeps us laughing and loving every minute we have with her.  She is so sweet and full of life.  With our three kids, we never know what's going to happen next and WE LOVE IT!!  The last four months haven't been all happiness and giggles, but we wouldn't change a thing!  

 Weeping may endure for a  night, but joy comes in the morning!!  Psalm 30:5

Our joy comes from the Lord, from the life that He has blessed us with, from the sweet blessing of three perfect children.  There are tears and some heartache,  but our God has plans for us.  We'll face them standing strong together and sometimes cradled in His arms, but we'll be OK...He promised! 

We found out today that our Silly Lily has Muscular Dystrophy.  Please pray for all of us as we adjust to our new normal.  Please don't think any differently of our little ladybug.  She is the same as she was before we got this diagnosis...a determined, tough, BOSSY, beautiful genius (really y'all) that God gave to us for a reason.  Nothing will be impossible for her.


  1. I 'm happy that you know the diagnosis (not happy about the diagnosis) at least now you know the direct to head to get her the very best help and care available!

    Lily is Lily and from what I read from your blog a beautiful, funny smart little girl and MD does not change those wonderful things about her! What a beautiful blessing she is to you and your family. God can do anything and MD is not to much for him!

    Hope Trent likes his new "bed"! (hehe)

  2. Smiles and tears. Thanks for sharing. I cannot wait to meet Silly Lily!

  3. hi. i am so sorry to hear about lily's diagnosis! of course we think nothing less of her - how could we! she is a gift and that is for sure! we emailed back and forth a few times through rq. we are adopting a little boy with hip dysplasia and spina bifida. we had emailed about the hip surgery so i have been very interested in hearing how things are going for you. praying for lily as God is able to do more than we ask or imagine!

    can i ask what type of md she has? there are many types, if i am right, correct?

    prayers for you and your family and for God to do miracles in lily's life!