Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We are tired and struggling to adjust to our "new normal" for the next 6 weeks, but we are home.  Lily's Dr. came in late yesterday afternoon and was so pleased with her recovery, she let us come home a day early!!  We were very nervous about bringing her home but were so anxious to get back to Reece and Mary Ashtyn.  It was so good to wrap my arms around them and they were so glad to see Mei Mei.

Lily slept really well last night and is still snoozing as I type.  She woke up around 4 am for more pain meds,but she had an easy night.  If I can be half as strong as she is, we'll make it through these next 6 weeks with no problem!!  It was so obvious God carried us through the last few days.  I am so amazed by the peace and comfort that He has given us.


  1. So thankful Lily is doing so well and you made it home a day early. Being home to rest is so much better than being in the hospital.
    I was showing our Lilly the pictures of Lily. She was so excited to see that she had a Mickey Mouse in her bed with her! The blue body cast didn't phase her. She was just so excited that "the other Lily" (that is what she calls her) also likes Mickey!!!

  2. Wow! That is wonderful! I bet the six weeks will fly by.